Welcome to ZP

The ZP organisation represents the reality that Spirit people, as real as you and I, communicate in a physical way within the seance room.

Spirit has asked ZP to represent and demonstrate this rare form of mediumship in the world today. ZP is the only organisation worldwide who promotes the safe practice, development, knowledge and understanding of Physical Mediumship, Spirit Communication and associated phenomena in the present time…the now.

We are dedicated to sharing this rare and unique experience of Physical Mediumship, showing all who will listen, that we all survive physical death and live on.

The Evidence

Forty-six magazines with rare archive material on physical mediumship and physical phenomena, with both past and present physical mediums. Spirit recordings from many séances. One hundred and thirty nine Noahs Ark Society journals, The Ark Review. A Worldwide Educational Society for the promotion, development and safe practise of physical mediumship. Over five hundred spirit books to read or download on physical mediumship and Physical phenomena. Two hundred Spirit photographs of materialization and spirit manifestations. Extensive archive containing information and photographs on physical mediums worldwide.