Zerdin Fellowship

You could be a Physical Medium yourself.

If you are:

  • Hearing Spirit voices audibly.
  • Have Spirit speaking through you.
  • Hearing spirit voices coming from mid-air.
  • Experiencing involuntary bangs, raps, knocks and movement of objects.
  • Physically touched by spirit
  • Witnessing objects entering or leaving the room.
  • Observing ectoplasm or other energy exuding from your own physical body.
  • Seeing with your physical eyesight dense clouds of mist.
  • Spirit people partly or fully materialising seen with your physical eyesight.


You could be a Physical Medium…

Contact in the first instance Dennis Pearman for an informal and confidential conversation.

All calls are handled sympathetically.

ZP is commited to help develop and educate individuals who are interested in Physical Mediumship.

A bursary may be available subject to the above criteria.

Naturally, if you can present your gift to the public in a safe environment that offers all the necessary facilities, a fee would be payable direct to you.


email: roz@zerdin.co.uk

Telephone: (+44) 01243 576063

Mobile: (Dennis Pearman) (+44) 07973 205183